What are COB light sources and COB light strips, and their characteristics?

What is the cob light strip?

Cob light strip is common category in lighting products, but many people may do not know more.

cob: refers to the chip-on-board packaging technology, which can be simply understood as: a light-emitting body in which multiple LED chips are integrated and packaged on the same substrate.

Cob ready-to-use packaging is a relatively mature LED packaging method and is widely used in the field of LED lighting. Cob light strips have gradually become the mainstream product of LED light strips.

The cob light strip is a light strip that encapsulates the chip on a soft board, and then directly drops a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor powder on the surface of the chip, and the cob light strip is formed.

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As a new type of high-brightness and high CRI linear lighting strip, cob light strip has exquisite appearance, soft and uniform light, no light spots, and has a variety of waterproof methods. It adopts flip-chip packaging technology and has good heat dissipation. Longer life.

The cob lamp belt meets a variety of usage scenarios. Home lighting, outdoor lighting, city park lighting, bridge lighting, hotel lighting, etc., are all preferred lighting products.

Raw materials for cob light strips:

Phosphors, LED chips, segment terminals, PCB circuit boards, silica gel, solder paste, reels, adhesives, etc.

What are the advantages of cob light source?

In terms of cost, compared with discrete light source devices, COB light source modules can save device packaging costs, light engine module manufacturing costs, and secondary light distribution costs in lighting applications. In the lighting system with the same function, the overall cost can be reduced by about 15%. In terms of performance, by reasonably designing and molding microlenses, the COB light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of discrete light source device combinations such as shots and glare. It can also add appropriate red chip combinations without reducing the efficiency and life of the light source. Under the premise of, effectively improve the color rendering of the light source (currently it has been able to achieve more than 90).

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In application, COB light source block can make the installation and production of lighting factory easier and more convenient. In production, the existing process technology and equipment can fully support the large-scale manufacturing of high-yield COB light source modules.

The new fourth-generation light source of COB planar light source can also be said to be an evolution product of the fourth-generation light source, because its light-emitting body is a chip light-emitting diode. But the difference between the two lies in the packaging technology. The fifth-generation light source adopts the world's most cutting-edge high-tech packaging technology, encapsulating ordinary light-emitting diodes in a small plane, so it is called a surface light source. Compared with the point light source, under the same wattage, the area of the surface light emitting surface is reduced by up to 10 times or more than the point light emitting surface area, and the heat generated is correspondingly reduced by 5-10 times, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. And the problem of light source exhaustion caused by heat dissipation problems, and makes the assembled lamp housing lighter and simpler. The light-emitting angle and effect of the surface light source are better played and applied under the refraction and condensing of the lens, so that the light-emitting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, thereby forming a secondary light distribution.

What are the characteristics of cob neon lights?

1. Low energy consumption

In the era of continuous technological innovation, the manufacturing technology of neon lights and the technical level of related parts are also constantly improving. The application of new electrodes and new electronic transformers has greatly reduced the power consumption of neon lights, from 56 watts per meter of lamp tube to 12 watts per meter of lamp tube.

2. Flexible

Neon lights are made of glass tubes. After firing, the glass tubes can be bent into any shape with great flexibility. By choosing different types of tubes and filling them with different inert gases, neon lights can get colorful and multi-colored light. .


3. High efficiency

Neon lights rely on the electrode heads at both ends of the light to ignite the rare gas in the tube under a high-voltage electric field. It is different from ordinary light sources that must burn tungsten filaments to a high temperature to emit light, causing a large amount of electrical energy to be consumed in the form of heat. , With the same amount of electrical energy, the neon light has a higher brightness.

4. Low temperature

Because of its cold cathode characteristics, the neon lamp can be exposed to the sun and rain or work in water when the lamp temperature is below 60°C during operation. Also due to its working characteristics, the neon light spectrum has a strong penetrating power, and it can still maintain a good visual effect in rainy or foggy days.

5. Long life

Neon lights have a life span of more than 10,000 hours under the condition of continuous work and uninterrupted power supply. This advantage is difficult to achieve by any other electric light source.

6. Strong dynamic

The neon light screen is composed of a light tube that is always on and a scanning tube that emits dynamically. It can be set to be a beating scan, a gradual scan, and a mixed color scan. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanner equipped with microcomputer chip programming. The scanning tube lights up or goes off according to the programmed program, forming a pair of flowing pictures, like a rainbow in the sky, like a galaxy on earth, and even more like a dream world. It is fascinating and fascinating. Unforgettable. Therefore, neon lights are an economical and practical form of advertising with less investment, strong effects.

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